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Hopes and Dreams 2013

Hope & Dreams Otsuchi 2013

In February of 2012 my husband Dave (Mayor of Fort Bragg) got a letter from Mayor Yutaka Ikarigawa of our Sister City in Japan asking if he would attend the memorial service for those lost in the tsunami. The letter said he could bring one guest. We would be housed in a town 2 hours away because there were no hotels after the devastation. I brought the quilt "We All Live Under the Same Sky" to give as a gift. This quilt Hopes and Dreams is made from the one block I had left over from the quilt I gave our Sister City.

Hopes and Dreams is the original name of our student exchange program. I saw a lot of paper cranes on my trip to Otsuchi. I saw total devastation, acres of sorted garbage, a city completely leveled by earthquake, tsunami and fire. I also saw a lot of paper cranes. The Mayor had 1,000 paper cranes hanging outside the temporary City Hall. They say if you make a thousand cranes your wish will be granted. I started making cranes as soon as I got home. I told the story of our Otsuchi journey to the Sunrise Soroptimists and told them I was making cranes. The following week there was a small bag of paper cranes on the windshield of my car. I have sewn those into the tree. I made the cranes to process the sorrow I saw and felt. I made them to remember those lost; I made them so our friends still living in Otsuchi would be able to make a home again. Is that three wishes?