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Faith, Hope and Love. Jolly's Tree of Life. 2003

Faith, Hope and Love.  Jollys Tree of Life

My Sister Jolly was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. I went back to Illinois to be with her during the surgery and take care of her children for two weeks. She was going thru chemo, it was a lot and even though I was there, I knew she felt alone. I wanted her to know you are never alone; I wanted her to realize how much everyone was thinking of her and loved her. I wrote to our immediate family and their children, and also my Aunt Ann and Uncle Charlie as we are very close to them. I asked them to trace their hands and told them what I was doing; I had all the hands within 2 weeks. It has been hanging in her house for 9 years. When I asked Jolly for the quilt to put in the show she said she would miss it and she reminded me that it was quilted with faith, hope and love.